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Training Practice

We are a proud training practice offering placments for Trainee GPs. A GP Trainee or GP Registrar, is a fully qualified doctor working with us whilst studying for a postgraduate qualification to become a GP. Placements vary from 6 to 12 months and play a vital part of training the next generation of GPs. A key element of GP training is reflection and reviewing their consultation skills, for which they may ask and seek your consent for the consultation to be recorded for this purpose only.

We are also teaching practice and the practice is affilliated with Leeds University, School of Medicine. Medical students are on placement here and you may be asked if medical students can sit in with or conduct your consultation. Medical students consulting in practice are fully supervised by the clinical team.

We also welcome other student doctors and student nurses who spend time in the practice in the course of their studies. We will let you know if there will be a trainee or student in your consultation.

Thank you for your help and support in the training of the future of health care staffing!