Donations from Patients

Occasionally we receive donations from patients which are used to purchase equipment for the benefit of other patients.

Donated by:Date AmountThis was used for...
Mrs Hazel Green March 2017 £275.00Blood pressure monitors 
Mrs Hazel Green June 2021£220.00Donations in memory of Mrs Hazel Green contributed towards the cost of the new ECG machine bought June 2021.

Non-NHS Fees

Please remember that not all services provided at the surgery are available on the NHS. Payment must be made in advance for these services, reports will not be completed until payment has been received. The charging structure is set out below.

We are VAT registered: 656360232 

Prescription fees from 1.4.2019 £9 per item

Non-NHS Fees With Effect From 6 April 2011

(Correct at the time of Publishing, please check with Admin staff on both fee lists)

Travel Vaccinations & Examination Reports

Travel Vaccinations inc. Certificate*


Rabies Course


Vaccination Certificate Only


Fitness to Travel Certificate

From £35.00

Holiday Cancellation Certificate

From £35.00

Holiday Cancellation Examination


Insurance Forms, BUPA etc

From £35.00

Solicitors report (pro rata)

£200.00 per hour

Access to records (patients)


Access to records (solicitors)


(New Data Protection Act)
 inc. photocopying Photocopying charges


Short support letter from GP – "To Whom it May Concern"

From £20.00

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